Facility Modification Request (FMR)

In an effort to streamline facility modification requests, and to ensure district compliance with state and federal regulations, the 3500 form is being replaced with the Facility Modification Request (FMR) form.  Please click on the link below.

Facility Modification Request (FMR)

The intent of the FMR is to increase communication and improve timeliness of assessment and response to requests.

Please note the following guidelines/changes for the submission of FMR forms:

  1. Forms are fillable, and require the Principal’s signature.
  2. FMR forms must have school site funding.
  3. FMR forms must be submitted with diagrams, proposals, specifications, etc.

Working in collaboration, the FMR requests are reviewed by Planning & Construction, Maintenance, Athletics, and Compliance, and if approved, signed by the Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations, Dr. Moisés Aguirre.

We want to encourage ideas to improve facilities, please engage in communication prior to action!